Chief Financial Officer (Hospital)

Job Summary:

We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Chief Financial Officer to join our hospital’s finance team. The ideal candidate should possess an accounting degree and have at least 7 years of relevant experience in financial Management within the healthcare industry.

General Responsibilities:

• Ensuring all the accounts and finance related work performed in accordance with the accounts department policies and procedures.
• To record all financial transaction of the hospital
• To maintain a;; statutory financial records
• To be the primary source of the financial information of the hospital
• To prepare the monthly management accounts to send the same to the top management
• To prepare key performance indicators
• To make monthly comparisons – budget vs actual
• To prepare project proposals and conduct studies about the existing department performance
• To facilitate smooth and timely completion of the annual external audit
• To provide adequate and accurate financial and accounting information to the management.
• To be the responsible department (Accounts dept.) for managing and updating payrolls
• To make sure the collection of receivables in right time
• To analyse information for effective planning and control
• To ensure the integrity and accurate recognition, measurement, recording and control of the assets and the liabilities, income and expenditure and commitment and contingencies.

Job Responsibility:

• Ensure integrity, accuracy and completeness of accounts ad financial information
• Ensure that accounting policies and changes are same as that of the auditors
• Ensure that proper reconciliation mechanisms are in place for all banks
• Review validity and accuracy of all transactions
• Ensure the completeness of accounting income and expenses and assets and liabilities
• Asses and ensure that appropriate accruals and provisions are made for expenses incurred but not paid for
• Asses and ensure whether appropriate evaluations are performed for all assets
• Preparation if regular financial statement comprising income statement and other management reports
• Co-ordinate the preparation and review of annual budget and periodic forecasts
• Co-ordinate liquidity, cash management, preparation and review of liquidity and cash flow forecasts
• Monitor and update cash flow, hospital management and future financial trends
• Review the inventory and control of the purchase
• Preparation and analysis of the monthly financial statement and financial information of the hospital and reporting to the management
• Review revenue and send the weekly revenue reports to the management
• Preparation and analysis of performance indicators to report to the management
• Make study of the cash flow and inform the management about the future trends
• Prepare relevant documents for audit and make sure that the audit completes on the right time
• Prepare yearly budget with a forecast of four years and submit to the managing Directors or Board directors for the approval
• Preparation and analysis of receivables and payables and report the summary to the management
• Preparation and analysis of income and expenditure and reporting to the management about the variations
• Report to the managing directors or Board of directors
• Supervise the works performed by the subordinates in the department
• Represent the department in management meeting
• Coordinate with and support the other departments in their operations
• Maintain good relation with the banks, suppliers and customers
• Train/manage the subordinate staff
• Approve and timely adhere to monthly, quarterly and annual accounts closing schedule; and ensuring completeness of accounting for income and expenses and assets and liabilities

Education and Experience:

• Master from a recognized college or University and /or a Professional degree in Accounting.
• Good command of written and oral English
• Minimum 7 years of experience in the same or a similar field
• At least 3 years of supervisory / managerial experience.
• Capable of working smoothly under pressure.

Join our dynamic finance team and contribute your financial expertise to ensure our hospital’s continued success in providing exceptional healthcare services to our community.

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